Reel 2015

A collection of work, a statement of intent

Demo Reels

Doom Indy Car Launch

Brigade asked Monovich to create camera moves mimicking the in-game feel of the iconic DOOM video game for the launch of the DOOM themed Indy 500 car.

3d Animation, Motion Graphics

The Brigade: MSNBC

The Brigade asked Monovich for some subtle 2.5d effects to bring these stills to life for MSNBC

3d Animation, Motion Graphics, Network ID

Updog Studios

Monovich created the brand ID for this Florida based studio

Design, Identity

Leviathan: Dodge Dart

Monovich worked on concept development, design, and animation on this projection mapping piece for the intro of the Dodge Dart. Motion environments were projected onto the static vehicle giving it the appearance of motion and interaction with it's digital environment.

3d Animation, Concept Development

TF1: Network Redesign

in 2005 Aerodrome created a complete redesign for TF1, France's #1 television network. Monovich served as design director throughout the process.

Network ID

Drake Concert Tour

Before Hotline Bling existed Monovich went way over the top with bling for Tantrum content and the Drake World Tour.

Concept Development, Concert Design, Design

Jason Aldean Tour

Monovich once again worked with Tantraum content to create visuals fort the Jason Aldean Night Train tour.

3d Animation, Concert Design, Motion Graphics

TAG: Brigade NYC: Movado Bold

Brigade NYC invited Monovich to lend a hand on this new commercial for Movado Bold. Monovich worked with the Brigade team on style, camera work, editing, and 3d camera moves. The resulting spot shows the strong design features of the watch surrounded with an electric environment that abstracts the watches features.

Art Direction, Graphic Design, Identity

Bank Of America

Lively Group asked Monovich to concept Bank Of America logo animations for the Times Square billboard.

3d Animation, Concept Development, Design, Motion Graphics


"Stand" is a short film created by Monovich during time spent away from doing commercial work. I tells the story a story of creativity, disaster, and triumph. It recieved numerous industry accolades and appeared in Stash magazine. It was inspired by a book by Erwin McManus.

Short Film

Sarah Barilles Tour

Tantrum Content invited Monovich to pitch and develop looks for Sarah Barilles "Brave" tour. Monovich created visual abstractions of the themes of each song that move in lock step with the rhythm and beats that Sarah is known for.

Concert Design

Psyop: Sonos Face Off

Psyop and Sonos wanted to visualize the concept of filling a home with music. Sound is largely unseen, so a visual language needed to be explored and developed. Monovich worked with Psyop director Laurent Ledru to explore and develop this visual language. The resulting series of spots show fields of color filling a home. As the sounds mix and interact, a rainbow spectrum results.

Concept Development, Design

NBC Championships: Two Thousand Strong

Two Thousand Strong approached Monovich and requested a package design for NBC Sports that brought together a broad spectrum of sports under the NBC Championship banner. Monovich created a look that combined stylized NBC elements and live action sports moments under a unified premium aesthetic.

Concept Development, Design

Nissan: Planet GT-R

For the Launch of the GT-R supercar, Nissan asked Subtext for a stylized rendition of the globe for use on their pre-launch teaser website. Monovich designed a series of globes that give off an air of menace and play off the triangular lines found on the GT-R itself.


Walmart: 1-800-Contacts

Digital Kitchen invited Monovich to lend his design and 3d abilities to a pitch effort for Walmart and 1-800-Contacts. Monovich created a metaphorical world made of paper that celebrates the arrival of the 1-800-Contacts brand at Walmart stores everywhere. Instead of simply showing static frames for the storyboard, diorama-style motion boards were created.

Concept Development, Design

Porsche Legend

The Porsche "Legend" spec spot was created as an experiment in remote collaboration between Monovich (Stephen Fitzgerald) and The Brigade. Located at opposite ends of the United States (Washington and New York states), both parties were connected only by broadband lines and a common interest in creating a spot with beautiful visuals with a strong message that was faithful to the Porsche brand.

3d Animation, Concept Development, Motion Graphics, Short Film

Conde Nast

Conde Nast Media Group asked The Brigade to produce a slick animation showing CNMG's ability to combine brands with different sources of media exposure. Monovich designed and animated the piece in-hand with The Brigade as part of their remote collaboration relationship.

Design, Interface Design, Motion Graphics

CES Opening Sequence

For the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show opening titles, Aerodrome asked Monovich to contribute the effort.

3d Animation, Design, Motion Graphics

Cut & Paste Portland

Cut & Paste is a design competition that takes place in front of a live audience in cities around the world. Monovich threw his hat in the ring in Portland, Oregon competition and managed to escape with the overall win for the evening. The motion graphics competitors had eight hours start-to-finish to create a 15 second animation based of the theme of "Reflection". Monovich reflected on the nuances of living in the Portland area and the many things that keep Portland wierd.

3d Animation, Motion Graphics

Luke Bryan 2013-2015 tour

Monovich worked with Tantrum content to create a spectrum of visuals for the Luke Bryan 2013 concert tour.

Concert Design


Subtext is a production studio that spans many different media genres. Their logo was pretty, but it didn't know how to dance and sing. Monovich brought it to life as a world of octopus tvs, cellphone birds, and other ridiculous creations.

3d Animation

DK: Audi Q5 Dome

Audi launched the Q5 SUV in the US with the Q5 Experience, a ride-and-drive multimedia road trip across America. Digital Kitchen was called by Factory Design Labs to create a 360 degree projection as part of the Q5 Experience. Monovich joined the D.K. party as a freelance creative director on the project, and wrangled the diverse visuals into a seamless wrap-around story of the Audi brand and lifestyle.

3d Animation, Concept Development, Design, Motion Graphics

World Poker Tour

The World Poker Tour asked Aerodrome for a top-to-bottom redesign of their show, and Aerodrome invited Monovich along for the ride (in a helecopter!). Monovich assisted in the overall design and handled all of the 2d/3d animation of the open.

3d Animation, Concept Development, Motion Graphics

Factory Labs: Audi R8 / Ironman 2 Intro

Factory Labs asked Monovich to lend a hand in the form of an intro video for the Ironman 2 / Audi R8 Spyder micro-site. Monovich took Ironman and Audi footage, sliced, diced, and added interstitial motion graphics to co-brand the two while maintaining the established aesthetics of each brand.

3d Animation, Concept Development, Design


Nike needed a new spot to showcase their upcoming '09 SPARQ shoes, so they gave Oh Hello a call. Oh Hello needed a good set of design/3d/animation eyeballs on the spot, so they gave Monovich a call. This was the result of the collaboration, which was done entirely remotely.

3d Animation

Before / After

Monovich created this series of before / after images for Mosaic LA.


Halo Legends

HALO Legends is a series of HALO-themed short films produced by some of the worlds top anime studios, and Loaded Pictures created the trailer to showcase it. Monovich modeled, sculpted, lit, and animated the letters, then used WebEx to remotely set up an on-site render farm @ Loaded in order to get the heavy rendering done within the compressed production schedule.

3d Animation

Microsoft Mtag

Monovich worked across the country with The Brigade in New York and director Marty Martin in Seattle to create the design and VFX for a series of spots that feature Microsoft's Mtag product.

3d Animation, Motion Graphics

Nike Method Core

Summit Projects asked Monovich to collaborate on a launch video for the new Nike Method CORE putter. The putter itself features technology once reserved for the highest end of the Nike Golf range, now available for everyone. Monovich led direction and production of the spot.

3d Animation, Design, Motion Graphics

The Score: Logo explorations

2000 Strong asked for some exploratory work for the sports network The Score. The Score wanted something atypical: No crashing helmets, no robots, no huge 3d logo towers, etc. This project was an interesting exercise, and the result was a simple "S" logo that could take on the characteristics of the sport it was representing.

Concept Development, Graphic Design, Identity

Nike Lunarglide

Concept Development

Discovery: Shark Week

Lonely bouy. Startled swimmer. Bubbles. Blood. Digital Kitchen created the 2009 graphics/teasers for Discovery's hugely popular Shark Week and Monovich was invited to contribute to the storyboard effort.

Concept Development, Design

DK: US Census

Digital Kitchen asked Monovich to break out the digital Play-Dough and help them construct an entire technicolor city for a US Census storyboard.  The storyboard reflected the planning and thought that goes into growing healthy cities - as seen through the eyes of a child.

Concept Development, Design

Nike Yi Jian Lian

For the '08 Beijing Olympics, Nike went to Digital Kitchen seeking concepts for a motion billboard featuring Yi Jian Lian. DK asked Monovich to add his hand at concepting for the piece. The result was an attempt to capture a single explosive moment through shapes that on their own did not move much, if at all.

Concept Development, Design

Nike Gift Card World

Nike asked Monovich to create a concept for a promo showcasing the entire world that is at the fingertips of a Nike Gift Card holder. In this board, the viewer goes on a ride and follows the card as it re-shapes and re-configures itself for seemingly any sport or activity.

Concept Development, Design

Mothership: Hyundai

Mothership asked Monovich for development work on a demonstrator for Hyundai's navigation and infotainment system. We chose the metaphor of a warehouse that could transform to represent different virtual environments and information scenarios that the system operates in.

Concept Development, Design

Cut & Paste: In A Flash

Monovich rode a plane to New York for the Cut & Paste Global Championships. The theme for the competition was "Dear Life, Thanks For Everything, Sincerely Me."

3d Animation, Motion Graphics, Short Film

Expressions from the plane

Flying back from Cut &Paste NY I had some time to play a little with expressions. Everything I know I learned from Dan Ebbert and even then I know barely anything at all. With a little trial and error though you can start to make sense of how they work, so that's how I go about it.

Motion Graphics

Disney: Movie Surfers

Monovich created this package for Disney Movie Surfers on behalf of Subtext Studio.

Concept Development, Design

Lincoln / Psyop: “Perceptions”...

Psyop asked Monovich to lend his CG eye to the look/feel development for a Lincoln MKT pitch. Monovich worked remotely with director Laurent Ledru to show the client the seamless blending of highlights and camera moves that would be used to underscore the various features of the MKT itself. Psyop won production of the full spot, which they produced in LA and NY.

3d Animation, Concept Development

Legacy FX

Ken Brady asked Monovich to design an identity and animation for Legacy FX, a company that specializes is practical special effects for feature film. Monovich created a series of logos and a storyboard that journeys through a complex and precise machine before arriving at the final logo.

Concept Development, Design

DK: Microsoft Store

Digital Kitchen came to Monovich looking for imagery and designs that captured the precision and intensity of winter sports. The resulting images were used on massive in-store screens at retail locations for one of the world's largest technology companies.

Concept Development, Design

Kenny Chesney 2013 Tour

After the success of the first Tantrum / Monovich collaboration on 2012 Kenny Chesney tour visuals, Tantrum invited Monovich back the following year for even more beaches, bonfires and...

Concert Design, Design

Saatchi Gallery

Tronic asked Monovich to join the effort to redesign  Saatchi Gallery, an online art portal. Monovich was asked to imagine a new online gallery experience that presented art in a dimensional space with an added social networking component. Monovich created an abstract space that presented the user with multiple ways to discover, view, and interact with the art and other online visitors.

Concept Development, Design, Interface Design

American Idol

If you haven't seen American Idol, you may not live on planet earth.

3d Animation

Fresh Paint: TCM Open

Fresh Paint came to Monovich and asked for a hand putting together a concept for  Turner Classic Movies. The concept for the piece, a movie open, was a Rube Goldberg type machine set up by a worker on set who wanted to take a break and catch a flick. Monovich created a contraption that used stage lights to bake popcorn, bearings to flip on the projector, and pullies that reclined the lounge chair just in time to watch the curtain open and the lights dim.

Concept Development

Psyop: Telstra “Connected Home”

During the pitch phase of a project for the Australian telecom Telstra, Psyop asked Monovich to lend a hand to the effort in the form of a stop-motion-style proof of concept animation showing a world made entirely of wood blocks. Psyop was awarded the project and a charming spot showing an integrated suite of products was the result.

3d Animation, Concept Development

FOX network

Aerodrome redesigned and re-branded the FOX network from 2000 to 2005, and Monovich was along for the ride the entire time as the lead designer and animator of the project. When launched, the blue and orange look instantly broke through the network frey, and gave FOX visuals that matched its step-child personality.

3d Animation, Network ID

Nikon: Next Generation

Chevalier Advertising asked Monovich to direct and animate a spot for Nikon that (literally) highlights the unique features of products it offers for the active outdoorsman. Monovich took the existing aesthetic of the Nikon print campaign and brought it to life with light streaks and a seamless camera move that ties all of the products together.

3d Animation, Art Direction, Concept Development, Motion Graphics

Scion: The Machine

ATTIK approached Imaginary Forces to pitch design and production for the national Scion tC launch campaign. Monovich worked with IF to create and stylize the pitch-winning visuals then continued during production to set up design, surfacing, lighting, and framing direction of the overall machine city. As each shot and look was approved, Monovich's assets were passed to IF then Sway where the spots were executed.

3d Animation, Concept Development

Audi A8 Experience

Factory Design Labs engaged Monovich to art direct and consult on the Audi A8 iPad Experience. Monovich worked with Factory to design and develop the A8 showroom environment detail by detail, down to the lighting and furniture. Once the environment was completed, Monovich directed the camera work and served as a 3d liaison between Factory and RTT USA, where final rendering was executed.

3d Animation, Art Direction, Concept Development, Interface Design

SciFi Channel SciBlog

SciFi UK asked Aerodrome to create a graphics package for thier SciBlog co-branding bumpers. Sciblog provided web-like interface on TV with which to show movie trivia, competitions, and other facts throughout the showing of feature films on SciFi. Monovich designed and animated the piece while on staff at Aerodrome. Creative Directed by Scott Miller.

3d Animation

Kenny Chesney World Tour

Tantrum Content invited Monovich to concept and animate visuals for Kenny Chesney's world tour. The result: Beach bonfires, bottles, pirates, tractors, and good times.

Concept Development, Concert Design

DK: Nordstrom Holiday Displays

Digital Kitchen asked Monovich to do some development studies for Nordstrom's 2012 holiday window displays based on projection mapping artwork done by  the illustrator Ruben Toledo.

Concept Development

Florida Georgia Line Concert Visuals

Tantrum asked Monovich for concept and animation of concert visuals for Florida Georgia Line's hit song "Cruise".

Concert Design

Symantec: Higher Level

Monovich worked with Gunshop to design the look and feel of the "Next Level" spot for software maker Symantec. The agency requested a theme centered around a stylized city with a look that Symantec could own.  In addition to the style boards,  Monovich also handled the remote execution of the final animation of the spot.

3d Animation, Concept Development, Motion Graphics

Dish Network: Mirror Mirror

Impossible Pictures asked Monovich to design and art direct this commercial for Dish Network. In the spot, the Dish Hopper mascot replaces the man in the mirror for an updated take on the timeless fairy tale.

Art Direction, Concept Development, Design

Mini Dominoes development

Psyop asked Monovich to work up some conceptual executions of Minis falling like dominoes on this project. We explored pacing, layouts, framing, and the overall feel of this concept as a part of a larger pitch.

Concept Development

Mrs. Greenbird: Everyone’s The Same

Director Joby Harris reached out to Monovich for the design of a whimsical screen device with which to frame an upbeat music video by this upcoming group from Germany.

Concept Development, Design

Comcast Spotlight

Monovich created these style frames and storyboards for Adena Studios / Comcast for use with ongoing, regularly updated marketing promos.

3d Animation, Design

Les Schwab: Founder’s Day

Oregon-based Funnelbox asked Monovich for a round of style frame development for tire retailer Les Schwab's Founder's Day Celebration. Monovich designed an idealized Les Schwab store experience where all of the product, props, signs, and even plants were on modular platforms that re-arranged themselves as the spot developed.

Concept Development, Design

Nike / Dicks Sporting Goods

Prisms, Facets, Sportsing.

Concept Development, Design, Graphic Design

Adidas Clima Cool

Nonbox asked Monovich for a hand in setting the visual direction for the tag of an Adidas Clima Cool, which is a technology that offers improved cooling and ventilation of athletic apparel.

Concept Development, Design

So You Think You Can Dance?

Fresh off of the success of American Idol, the producers of the show called Aerodrome to create the open for their newest creation: So You Think You Can Dance. Aerodrome created a flashy, stylized world with a color pallette as diverse as the dancers who populate it. Monovich designed, animated, and was 1st a.d. on the shoot. Everything in the piece is CGI except the dancers themselves.

3d Animation, Art Direction, Design

Brigade: Reebok Nano

3d Animation, Concept Development

Brigade: Mcafee

Monovich worked with Brigade to develop a design language for a Mcafee spot showing the power of connected information and networks.

3d Animation, Concept Development, Design

Wired Science

Concept Development, Design

Tantrum: Bon Jovi Concert Visuals

Tantrum Pictures recently invited Monovich to submit concepts for a special two night Las Vegas concert by Bon Jovi. The concepts, relating to the track "They Say You Can't Go Back", covered the themes of nostalgia, stardom, and the timelines of our lives. Each treatment handled the idea differently, whether by seeing things through a rear view mirror, trees growing young, or by taking a visual journey through iconic moments from the American experience.

Concept Development, Concert Design

Sauce Society Poster

Sauce Society is a monthly gathering of Denver industry types. They needed a poster and they didn't put any constraints on it so I made a pig out of topiary.


Xbox Gold

Concept Development, Design

Fox Sports

Concept Development, Design

Ford F150

Wolf & Crow asked Monovich for concept frames for the launch of the all new Ford F150.

Concept Development, Design

Guiness Black

Driveway commissioned Monovich to create a playful logo tag for Guiness Beer

Group Hug: Christmas Card

A friend of mine, Grant Harold, sent me a song he wrote for Chrismas this year, and I liked its simple message. Together with another friend Nathan Deceasar, the three of us form the informal collaborative; "Group Hug". We created this animation to reflect the story of the song, inspired by paper craft, strata cut, and origami set in a snowy wonderland.

3d Animation, Design, Short Film

Hyundai London

Iron Claw commissioned Monovich to create some whimsical style frames for Hyundai set in London.

Concept Development

Psyop: Audi A4

Psyop invited Monovich to help develop concepts for the launch of the next Audi A4. Monovich worked with director Laurent Ledreau to develop a design language based on assemblies of pistons undulating to create landscapes and other visuals.

3d Animation, Art Direction, Concept Development

Dirks Bentley

Tantrum Content tasked Monovich with creating country-themed content for Dirks Bentley's concert tour.

Concept Development, Concert Design, Design

Prudential: Financial News

Nice Shoes asked Monovich to create a bustling metropolis out of newspaper for a Prudential TVC based on financial headlines of the time. The resulting mini metropolis was modeled, lit, and rendered in 3d.

Concept Development

DK: Transformers UI

Digital Kitchen developed the Transformers Defend The Earth game in conjunction with the release of Transformers, the movie. Monovich was asked to submit style and concept frames for the app interface.

Graphic Design

Tantrum: Luke Ryan Grammy Performance

Tantrum Content asked Monovich to design and animate screen visuals for country star Luke Ryan's Grammy performance. The treatment features a dynamic rippling screen which hosted a diverse set of visuals ranging from campfires to driving sequences to abstract screen panels exploded in space.

Concert Design

Nice Shoes: Sony Bravia Globe

Nice Shoes needed a hand developing a stylized globe representing enhanced TV features of it's Bravia line. Monovich pitched in with this shiny little orb:

Concept Development, Design

Treefort Shelf Concept

I've been interested in furniture for years but I rarely get around to doing anything about it. I decided to set aside some time an put one of these ideas "on paper", or at least in pixels. The Treefort isn't a real product, you can't buy it anywhere, but it was fun to create and work on a personal project for a change of pace.

3d Animation, Design

Psyop: Google Fiber

In 2012 Google will roll out a new fiber optic service promising vastly improved data speeds and an end to the digital log jams that have plagued users since the inception of e-anything. To illustrate this, Psyop asked Monovich to explore the metaphor using cars, roads, and highways. Monovich's explorations showed a world that started low-speed and childlike but built in speed and sophistication to illustrate the Google Fiber future.

Concept Development

Tantrum: Kenny Chesney Visuals

Molly Gray of Tantrum Pictures asked Monovich to pitch concepts and screen visuals for the 2012 Kenny Chesney concert tour. Monovich contributed a number of successful pieces to the tour, each tailored to the tone and subject matter of individual songs. The resulting visuals were executed in 2d, 3d, and live action and projected on massive LED screens at each show. The results can be seen nationwide this summer and fall.

3d Animation, Concert Design

Psyop / Lexus / Golden Opportunity

Psyop asked Monovich for a hand in developing a concept for the Lexus Golden Opportunity campaign. The idea revolved around an expansive gallery of any given person's missed opportunities, and called for some architecture and ambiance that would serve as a suitable backdrop to feature each individual "exhibit". Monovich worked with Thibault Debaveye at Psyop to develop the gallery. The resulting spots are linked after the break.

Concept Development

Nikon Next Generation 2011

Chevalier Advertising once again asked Monovich to direct and animate a spot for Nikon as a part of their Next Generation campaign. The spot highlights Nikon's products for the outdoorsman and hints at the passion and technology contained within.

Art Direction, Editorial Design

Digital Kitchen: Forza 4: Box art development

Digital Kitchen was tasked with design and branding for the launch of the 4th edition of the iconic Forza Motorsports game for Xbox. How do you distill the energy and excitement of racing ultra-rare exotic sports cars into a single image? That was the challenge that DK asked Monovich to pitch in and help solve. The results were a broad exploration of the use of environments, lighting, and sheet metal to create an iconic image of desire.

Concept Development, Design

Microsoft: X-Box Live

Fizzy graphic goodness

Concept Development, Design

I Am Legend

1741 (AKA) Trailerpark asked Monovich for some storyboard concepts to tease the upcoming release of the Will Smith thriller "I Am Legend". Monovich created three concepts involving themes like lonlieness, contamination, infection, and SOS signals.

Concept Development, Design