Expressions from the plane

Flying back from Cut &Paste NY I had some time to play a little with expressions. Everything I know I learned from Dan Ebbert and even then I know barely anything at all. With a little trial and error though you can start to make sense of how they work, so that's how I go about it.

Looking out my window on the flight, I’m always frustrated how beautiful the world is, and how I never have my camera. Well this time I did have my camera for one leg of the flight, so I shot some clouds out the window and tried to figure out how do do something, anything, with the footage while using expressions. This little thing was the result. It mostly involved using a bunch of the Beam and Magnify plugin with the source points randomly switching between 40 different trackers at random times via expressions. Its amazing how just trying out this little exercise opens my mind up to how to use expressions in more interesting and practical ways in the future.



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