Reel 2015

A collection of work, a statement of intent

Special thanks to Grant Harold @ Radar Flora for working with me on the sound and feel of this.

The demo reel as a shock and awe device has been done a lot better than I’ll ever be able to do it, so this time around I wanted to put a little bit of thought and perspective into the work I’m showing and into what I want to say about my larger career.

With a little time you get a better view of what clients want and need day in and day out. After thinking a bit about it all my takeaway is that the biggest skill I offer is that of an experienced problem solver. Some projects come in that need an eye for concept development, some with style frames, some with animation needs, some with branding needs, some with direction needs. Every project is so different, but the one constant is that clients, both direct and studios, need to be confident that the people they are working with will help them get their project to the finish line. I do that part really well.

For the work shown, special thanks go out to to:

Blue Collar
Blue Collar
Digital Kitchen
Aerodrome Pictures
Imaginary Forces
Factory Design Labs
Nice Shoes
Chevalier Advertising
Adena Studios
Tantrum Content
Actual Industries

… and many many more

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